Cracked Skin

Whether caused by low desert humidity, chemicals, wind, or a specific disease or skin condition, dry, cracked skin can be dreadful. It can wear on your self-esteem and bring down your emotions.

Skin Cracking Remedies and Treatments

Whatever the reason for the dry skin to take hold, the result is the same-dehydration. Soothing your skin with deep, penetrating moisture is a simple solution that will bring relief. Doctors and dermatologists, no matter the cause of your dry, cracked skin, recommend soothing, moisturizing skin care.

How InfiniteAloe® Skin Care Can Soothe and Bring Relief to Dry, Cracked Skin

Organic Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbandensis Miller) is the primary ingredient in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care. Many medical studies about Aloe Vera show its soothing, healing and hydrating properties. 

In fact, InfiniteAloe® Skin Care is rich in many key ingredients that have been shown to penetrate to the dermis, your skin's deepest layer, and accelerate the healing of cuts, burns, rashes, acne and many other skin complaints. Natural constituents moisturize, rebuild and smooth the skin while inhibiting bacteria, viruses and fungi that could lead to unhealthy skin conditions. (See References)

How to Use InfiniteAloe® Skin Care to Soothe Dry, Cracked Skin

  • Soak or wash your skin briefly in lukewarm water. Hot water dries your skin even more. Use only very mild soap or non-soap cleanser. Often, the soap will be the cause of your skin's aggravation, so choose gentle, natural and non-hypoallergenic type of cleansers. 
  • Apply InfiniteAloe® Skin Care. Allow the cream to soak in (takes about 10 minutes) then reapply as desired. 
  • Intensify the treatment by lavishing your cracked skin with InfiniteAloe® Skin Care.

If you are able to rule out practical causes (such as a harsh product touching your skin, weather conditions, or working with moisture-robbing materials) as the cause, see your doctor for diagnosis of your cracked skin condition. 

If the cracks are so deep that your hands are bleeding or seem infected, please see your healthcare practitioner.



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