Do you, or anyone you know, suffer from acne, or still have acne scars from past breakouts?

Dermatologists and health care professionals may recommend topical skin care to aid in preventing long-term damage from acne.  

We're all for InfiniteAloe®Skin Care, a natural and scientifically-advanced non-greasy, non-oily, won't-clog-your-pores solution to soften your skin and show it some love!  Here you will find more information about acne and how to use InfiniteAloe® Skin Care when you have acne.

Acne Causes and Treatments

Teenage acne, hormonal acne (related to hormonal changes in the body) and adult acne can be a frustrating, wicked blow to a person's self-confidence. For many, acne breakouts can be a vicious cycle of stress or hormonal changes that result in more acne breakouts, disappointments and crushed self-esteem.

Your dermatologist will decide which treatments are best for you, but in every case he or she will recommend dietary changes to include more water and fresh fruits and vegetables because dietary remedies are the only known effective acne treatment or resolution.

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care: Non-Greasy, Not-Oily SkinSoftener!

The primary and most abundant ingredient in InfiniteAloeSkin Care is Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) which has been researched and studied extensively. It is both traditionally, commonly known and medically researched as an aid in reducing inflammation. (Ref: 1, 2, 3).  Aloe can help support your skin as it endeavors to recover from acne lesions coming from acne breakouts. Soothing your skin is always a wise choice. 

You may be surprised to discover: the organic Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care a soaks deep into the skin to deliver cleansing properties, nutrients, minerals and enzymes. These nutrients give your skin help while it regenerates. Give your skin the best chance to restore itself to the baby soft, smooth and natural skin that looks so great on you.

Dry Skin & Pimples At The Same Time?

Have you ever experienced pimples and dry skin at the same time? How baffling! How are you supposed to resolve that? You don't want to put moisturizers on your skin and cause more blemishes. You don't want to dry your skin out even more with astringents. So what do you do?

You'll be happy to know InfiniteAloe® Skin Care formula is perfectly balanced to feed your skin with moisture without being greasy or oily. It is wonderful for very sensitive or pimply skin.

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care Is Not Sticky or Bitter and Won't Clog Your Pores!

If you put Aloe Vera juice directly on your skin it will be very sticky and it will have a bitter taste. InfiniteAloe® Skin Care, unlike putting plain Aloe Vera juice directly on your skin, releases the potent properties of organic Aloe Vera, but its not sticky. InfiniteAloe® Skin Care formula is perfect for sensitive skin: pure, non-oily, yet moisturizing. It won't clog your pores but will leave you looking fresh and natural. 

How to Use InfiniteAloe® Skin Care When You Have Acne

  • Wash with a very gentle, non-drying cleanser daily using warm water.
  • While your pores are open from the warmth of the water, put InfiniteAloe® Skin Care on your skin.
  • Drink a gallon of pure water daily.
  • Eat a minimum of five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Avoid "junk" that's not too good for you (sweets, oily foods, etc.) 
  • Relax! You're beautiful just like you are. A few pimples won't change that.

Some people have tried using pure organic Aloe Vera juice as a weekly mask letting it soak into your skin for 20 minutes and then washing it off.  It will be sticky, so be sure to clean your face thoroughly and if you use this mask, follow up with InfiniteAloe SkinCare.

Reports from users reveal that consistent, daily use of InfiniteAloe® Skin Care brings the greatest benefit, keeping your skin fresh, healthy and beautiful over time.

Your nutritionist or dermatologist can recommend more personalized programs for your unique skin care issues. Remember that these recommendations do not comprise medical or dermatological advice. Seek help from qualified professionals for medical issues, InfiniteAloe® Skin Care is a topical solution composed of plant essences, not a cure for acne.

When you have acne, you may not be able to resolve the hormonal issues or clear up your skin right away. But you do your best to prevent long term scarring with a gentle, non- greasy solution with InfiniteAloe® Skin Care.

Try your InfiniteAloe® Skin Care today!



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