Also called "road rash" by cyclists, skin Abrasions are sometimes an unfortunate result of an active lifestyle, (skateboarding, anyone?) 

Most abrasions are shallow scrapes or scratches that do not extend into the lower layers of the skin and cause little or no bleeding. Although a minor injury, there can be a surprising amount of pain due to exposed nerve endings.

How Can InfiniteAloe® Skin Care Help to Soothe Skin with Abrasions?

InfiniteAloe(r) Skin Care does not replace standard medical care for abrasions, It moisturizes, hydrates and nourishes.  Boost your skin's ability to regain its softness and smoothness after abrasions. Soothe and care for your skin to help prevent scarring.

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care has as its primary ingredient, organic Aloe Vera (organic Aloe Barbadensis Miller), commonly known as medicinal aloe. This type of Aloe Vera has been studied above more than 200 kinds of aloe to discover its health benefits. Aloe Vera contains saponins to nourish your skin. Several reports describe how saponins elevate the body's production of cortisone, that is used to help the body address the soreness and swelling of abrasions in recovery.

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care also contains collagen, the main structural protein making up 70% of the body's connective tissue. Some European studies have shown collagen helps speed recovery from injuries by providing structure to recovering skin.

Vitamin A may also be important for rapid healing from scrapes and cuts, as it is vital to the repair and growth of epithelial cells of the skin. The Grape Seed Oil brings powerful cellular rebuilding properties deep below the skin's surface to moisturize and aid in protecting skin tissue. These are just some of the many beneficial, ingredients in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care.(See References)

How to Use InfiniteAloe® Skin Care When You Have a Minor Skin Abrasion

  • Abrasions, scrapes and scratches should be cleaned right away and kept clean to avoid infection. The area is usually cleaned by irrigation with water or a nontoxic surfactant to remove any dirt and debris.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment.
  • If necessary, apply a semi-permeable dressing, allowing the skin to breathe.
  • When the wound is closed and as the wound is healing, apply InfiniteAloe® Skin Care.
  • Keep the area moist until it has healed. This promotes healing, improves tissue formation and helps protect the scratches from becoming infected.

Remember: The above does not apply to deep cuts or lacerations, seek medical care for serious wounds. Also, be aware of when your last tetanus shot was and get a booster shot if needed. It is not only rusty nails that can cause tetanus.

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